Yes, we will contact you. If possible, please provide us with an additional phone number in case we are unable to reach you on the primary number provided.

Please check to make sure you have all of your personal belonging with you before you exit the vehicle. If you do discover that you have lost or forgotten an item, please call our office. if we finds the item, you can pick it up or we can drop it off at the location of your choice for a charge. We are NOT responsible for ANY lost or misplaced belongings.

We do accept cash, UPI payments, and bank transfers.

Pad life depends on driving habits, vehicle usage, and the operating environment. Brake systems are designed to provide 20,000 to 25,000 miles of pad life in very severe use (such as heavy-traffic urban areas) and will provide 40,000 to 60,000 miles of pad life in average use. Factors that will reduce pad life include frequent heavy braking, elevated temperatures (caused by high-speed braking, driving in mountainous areas), driving with the vehicle heavily loaded, and severe environments such as high-corrosion areas and areas with a lot of road debris and dust.

Batteries wear out over time, but there are also issues that impact battery failure, for example, unusual “parasitic drains” such as adding accessories but not properly grounding them, infrequent start-up, and discharged batteries freezing at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are numerous reasons why a vehicle won’t start. If it’s related to the battery, the starter will generally not crank the engine. This is the telltale “click, click, click” sound when you turn the key. This could be an alternator not charging the battery properly, a loose battery or starter cable, or a battery that needs to be replaced.

Certified Service expert technicians at your dealership can recommend tires that are right for your vehicle, your driving habits, and your budget. Also, participating dealers offer a tire price match guarantee, so if you find the same tires at a better price within 30 days of purchase, they’ll refund the difference.

Choosing the proper grade of oil is a critical step in engine maintenance. From conventional to full synthetic, your Certified Service experts offer a range of oil types. Ask the experts which grade of oil you should use for your specific model. You can also check your Owner’s Manual for the correct grade.

If driving under the best conditions, the Engine Oil Life System might not indicate the need for vehicle service for more than a year. The motor oil and filter must be changed at least once a year and the Engine Oil Life System must be reset.

From oil changes to engine replacements, our automotive experts build upon their meticulous skills by undergoing annual training to care for your vehicle’s special and ever-evolving needs. Building upon that meticulous skill, our technicians leverage your vehicle’s advanced diagnostic data and connected technology capabilities

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